Hello! Welcome to Book Bound Musings!

We are Ania and Carla and we mutually share a passion for books. Given our obsession with everything worth reading, we decided to share our reflections on our books of choice with you. We intend to review several different kinds of books, ranging from Contemporary Romance to Young Adult, Historical Fiction, Mystery, etc. 
When finished reading a book of our choice, each one of us will write a review on that specific book. We follow no reading system whatsoever but we will rate the books according to the  following rating system: 

  • 5 stars - Mesmerizing
  • 4 stars - Captivating
  • 3 stars - Charming
  • 2 stars - Pleasant
  • 1 star - Disappointing

Have in mind that just because we didn't like a book doesn't mean you won't. 
We hope you find our blog useful, interesting and worth coming back to. Do not hesitate to contact us with suggestions, questions or comments!

We look forward to hearing from you!

Ania & Carla

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